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don't enter the door till you look in the windows.

MrHugs and Friends home on Virtual Places. justcajun rules this joint, she's addicted Rev. Hugs Wedding Chapel
MrHugs is standing by the jukebox singing Yellow Aces. Hey!!! This is the bathroom, a little privacy would be nice! Rokespirit, on the phone trying to get the Indian council to let us use the Casino for our next gathering. Keep looking this is just a bedroom, come back later and peek in, and we'll call you a peeping Tom. Jiffyj is on the phone, Bill Gates is explaining to him why he should buy stock in Microsoft. You found the computer room, can't you just join the party for one night and leave the computer alone. You Addict! The Badd family is waiting for Baddmomma to finish on the computer, so they can eat dinner. This could be awhile. Hellmomma is in the kitchen, looking for where we hid the good stuff. A MKAT is trying to get a beer but he is froze in Cyberspace.
Capt Domm is refueling his plane, and his body, hope he puts the beer in the right vessel. A GoodElf is trying to get a beer with a really bad fake ID. Troop is juggling a couple beers and working on being at the NASCAR races and online at the same time. Smilesatu is dancing erotically on the bar. Swampfever and Justcajun are making out in a dimly lit corner makin baby gators. Nichole yelling and drinking and having a great time.

Look in the windows to see what the people are doing. Place your curser on the window, don't click, just wait, and read what it says about the people inside.
You can also click on some of the windows and see who is really in there.

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